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Residential Fencing

Residential Fencing in the Northeast: Over a Million Feet of Quality Vinyl, Aluminum, and Retention Walls Installed

With over a million feet of fencing installed, Ninsa offers custom fencing solutions tailored to fit your needs in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. Our onsite fabrication allows for customization in colors, styles, sizes, and ornamental accessories. Whether you're looking to accentuate the beauty of your personal space or seeking security and privacy, our vinyl fencing installation and aluminum fencing solutions are designed with you in mind.

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What We Do - Specialty and Accessories

Ninsa's residential fencing solutions go beyond the traditional barriers, offering an array of specialty and accessories that enhance your outdoor living space in NJ, NY, PA, and DE. Our vinyl and aluminum fencing options can be complemented with unique additions such as:

  • Shower Enclosures: Add privacy and style to your outdoor shower area.
  • Trash Enclosures: Keep waste areas neat and concealed.
  • Mailboxes: Customized to match your fencing design.
  • Vinyl Benches, Arbors, and Pergolas: Create beautiful outdoor seating and shaded areas.
  • Vinyl Planters: Enhance your garden with elegant planting solutions.
  • Patios and Stone Columns: Extend the aesthetic appeal of your fencing to other outdoor structures.
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Quality Construction and Vinyl Fencing

Our vinyl fencing is constructed with a focus on security and durability. The tongue and groove boards add extra security, while the 2 x 6 rails and aluminum channel in the bottom rail prevent sagging. Ninsa's picket fences are uniquely assembled for a uniform look on both sides. With custom colors and quality construction, our vinyl fencing installation in New Jersey offers a safe and lasting solution.

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Aluminum Fencing and Residential Retention Walls

Ninsa's aluminum fencing provides your home with security, elegance, and style. The powder coat finish ensures a lifetime of use without rusting, meeting, and exceeding all building codes for commercial and residential use. Our residential retention walls and aluminum fencing solutions are more than just barriers; they are an extension of your home's aesthetics.

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